Saraswati Hitech City


Saraswati Hitech City

Latitude, Longitude - 25.3299979,81.9227926 (Click to view map)

Saraswati Hitech is being developed as an Industrial Model Township at Naini, Allahabad with industrial, residential and commercial sectors.

  • Saraswati Hi-Tech City Project spreads over 1138.78 Acres near Naini in Allahabad district

  • It is being developed as an Industrial Model Township with non-polluting Industrial, Residential Commercial, Institutional and Sports sectors

  • Low cost freight transfer possible by upcoming inland waterways on river Ganga.

USPs of the Project

The project features are as follows:

  • Business and IT park with residential and industrial zones are proposed

  • Exhibition centre, Multiplex, Mega Malls, Park, Hotels, Multi-stored Housing Societies are proposed

  • Equipped with 'International-style Amenities like solar lighting, signature entry points

  • International Level Stadium, Library and Libraries are proposed

  • Multiple choices of industrial, commercial & residential areas.

  • Large green zones have been earmarked for development

  • Signature Star towers are proposed at the entry point of the city

  • In close proximity to major educational institutions like IIIT Allahabad and NIT Allahabad

Investment Opportunities


Two distinct types of land parcels are proposed, flatted factories and industrial plots .Total area of these land parcels is 467563.93 Sq Mt. (115.5 Acres) . The industries in the enclave would be pollution free, to reduce the adverse impact on the ecology. Proposed industries include ESDM, bakery production, leather (non polluting) textiles, garments and cotton and woollen hosiery industries.

Residential Units

UPSIDA is offering 1500 residential plots in this project. The scheme comprises of three types of units, Type-A of 297 sq mt, Type-B of 216 sq mt and Type-C of 120 sq mt. They are broadly categorized in light / medium and high end housing to meet the different budget requirements to create an ideal environment for living.


Aimed to be a self- sustaining city having commercial establishments of malls, hospitals and shopping complexes, hotels and other commercial establishments. The proposed Star Towers will provide state of the art commercial complexes along with the residential facilities in a single building.


Saraswati High Tech City is an integrated township with focus on encouraging various institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, training & skill development centres. The High-Tech smart city has got approval for a State University (Prayag Vishwawidylaya) and a Library (Janeshwar Mishra Library) to be constructed as a state of the art educational hub.

Facilities and infrastructure

  • Nearest railway –Allahabad Junction approximately 15 kms. Situated at a distance of approx. 30 kms. from Allahabad Airport

  • Proximity to BIT campus.

  • Special features like solar powered street light, zero effluent discharge , pollution free industrial units and underground electric supply.

Details of acquired and developed lands

Land Use Area in Acers Land Use Area in Acers
A. Residential 118.89 E. Green/Water body 319.18
B. Industrial 115.54 F Amenities 54.71
C. Commercial/ mixed use 104.45 G. Roads 208.62
D. Institutional (ins) 112.64 H. Future Development 104.75
Total land acquired is 1140 Acres.
Saraswati Hitech City

Saraswati Hitech City Layout

Saraswati Layout

Location Advantage

  • Situated close to EDFC at New Ganj Khwaja Station.

  • Situated on Allahabad – Mirzapur NH – 76 (E), just 10 kms. from Allahabad city

  • 15 Kms from Allahabad railway station on the Howrah-Delhi main line and

  • Situated at a distance of approx. 30 kms. from Allahabad Airport.

Details of allotted and vacant plots

  • Allotted Plots: Industrial 0 (in numbers) Residential -1375 ( In Numbers) , Allahabad State university/JM library-1

  • Vacant Plots (No.) : Residential -763, Industrial – 52,Group housing -10 , Industrial housing -3 and Mixed use – 65


Saraswati Hitech City on Google Map

UP Industrial Policy 2017 Highlights

The incentives are as follows:

  • 1. Stamp duty exemption of 100% in Poorvanchal.

  • 2. EPF reimbursement facility to the extent of 50% of employer’s contribution to all such new Industrial units providing direct employment to 100 or more unskilled workers.

  • 3. Capital Interest Subsidy to the extent of 5% per annum for 5 years in the form of reimbursement on loan taken for procurement of plant & machinery, subject to an annual ceiling of INR 50 lacs.

  • 4. Infrastructure Interest Subsidy to the extent of 5% per annum for 5 years in the form of reimbursement on loan taken for development of infrastructural amenities for self-use like roads, sewer, water drainage, erection of power line, transformer and power feeder, subject to an overall ceiling of INR 1 Crore.

  • 5. Interest subsidy to the extent of 5% per annum for 5 years in the form of reimbursement on loan taken for industrial research, quality improvement and development of products by incurring expenditure on procurement of plant, machinery & equipment for setting up testing labs, quality certification labs and tool rooms, subject to an overall ceiling of INR 1 Crore.

  • 6. Exemption from electricity duty to all new industrial units set up in the state for 10 years.

  • 7. Exemption from electricity duty for 10 years to all new industrial units producing electricity from captive power plants for self-use.

  • 8. Exemption from Mandi fee for all new food processing units on purchase of raw material for 5 years.

  • 9. The industries which are disallowed for input tax credit under the GST regime, will be provided reimbursement of that amount of VAT/CST/GST paid on purchase of plant and machinery, building material and other capital goods during construction and commissioning period and raw materials and other inputs in respect of which input tax credit has not been allowed.

  • 10. Units generating minimum employment of 200 direct workers including skilled and unskilled will be provided 10% additional EPF reimbursement facility on employer’s contribution.

  • 11. All incentives in the form of reimbursement, subsidies, exemptions etc., will be subject to a maximum of 100% of fixed capital investment made in Poorvanchal region.

  • 12. The eligibility requirements for the respective categories are as follows:

    Category Minimum eligibility requirements (Poorvanchal)
    Mega Capital investment of more than Rs.100 crore but less than Rs.250 crore OR Providing employment to more than 500 workers.
    Mega Plus Capital investment of more than Rs.250 Crores but less than Rs.500 crore OR Providing employment to more than 1000 workers.
    Super Mega Capital investment of more than Rs.500 Crore OR Providing employment to more than 2000 workers.
    • A. The incentives will be applicable for new units as well as projects under expansion/diversification. Projects in the mega categories (mega, mega plus and super mega) will be processed on a case to case basis for finalising the incentive structure.

    • B. All incentives for mega investments in the form of reimbursement, subsidies, exemptions etc., will be subject to a maximum of 300% of fixed capital investment made in Poorvanchal region.

    The Conditions for (12.) are as follows:

    • Units availing incentives from any other policy or those sanctioned by the departments of the State government, will also be entitled to avail incentives/benefits mentioned in this policy provided the same kind of benefits/incentives are not being availed from any other policy. If a unit avails any incentive under industry specific policies like Agro & Food Processing Policy, IT Policy etc., it will not be provided incentive of similar nature under this policy.

    • A negative list of industries will be identified which will be ineligible for any incentives mentioned in this policy. However if any package of incentives has already been committed by the state government to any such unit before the industry was declared negative, the committed incentives will not be withdrawn and the unit will continue to remain entitled to the benefits.

Interested Investors may contact:

1. Shri Mayank Mangal
Reginal Manager ,Prayagraj
Regional Office, 44/11, Lawder Road Prayagraj.
Phone: 0532-2460425