Before filing for UPSIDC service, Please make sure that the listed below mandatory documents are readily available with you. Your application, once submitted will flow through the following status before the clearances/NOC’s is completed. You may use this information to track the status of your application

Checklists /mandatory Documents
S.NoDocuments TypeDocument Description ChecklistDocument
1 Building SpecificationBuilding Specification of proposed building as per Appendix-9 /
2 Certificates & BondCertificate of registered structural engineer and owner regarding earthquake resistance of building as per Appendix 11/A/B/C, if applicable. /
3 Approvals & NOCsApproval from the competent authority in case of hazardous buildings. /
4 Certificates & BondIndemnity bond on Rs.100/- stamp paper duly attested by a Notary as per Appendix-8 in case where basement is proposed to be constructed. /
5 Certificates & BondDuly authenticated copy of registration/Certificate of the licensed technical person(Architect & Engineer). /
6 Certificates & BondCertificate for sanction of Building Plan(Appendix-7 &9) /
7 Certificates & BondStructural stability certificate(Appendix-6) from the Architect / Structural Engineers /
8 Certificates & BondCertificate for undertaking the supervision by the licensed technical person. (Appendix-5) (Note*:Any change of the technical personnel during construction work shall be intimated to the Authorized Officer in writing. /
9 DrawingsCAD drawings ( Format dwg files) /
10 DrawingsCAD drawings giving details of provisions for fire safety, security as per National Building Code ( Format dwg files) /
11 Fees and other ChargesPhotocopy of receipt of fees deposited, water and sewer connection charges, service connection and ramp charges and such other charges if any as required by the Authority from time to time. /
12 Forms & ApplicationsApplication for drainage of premises(Appendix-10) /
13 Forms & ApplicationsApplication form for water and sewer connection (if applicable) /
14 Forms & ApplicationsForm for first application to erect, re-erect or to make material alteration in a building(Appendix-4/4B) /
15 Forms & ApplicationsValid time extension, if applicable. /
16 Ownership documentsAllotment letter /
17 Ownership documentsPossession Certificate /
18 Ownership documentsLease Deed/Transfer Deed (transfer deed in case of transfer) /
19 Approvals & NOCsApproval from the Pollution authority /
20 Forms & ApplicationsAffidavit for Construction /
21 DrawingsCAD drawings ( Format pdf files) /
22 Approvals & NOCsApproval/Noc from fire Department /
23 Fees and other ChargesLebour cess fees /
24 Certificates & BondStructural Drawing signed by Structural Engineers & Allottee /
25 Fees and other ChargesPayment Receipt Of Malba Charges Paid Previously /
26 Fees and other ChargesPayment Receipt Of Infrastructure Upgradation Charge paid Previously /
27 DrawingsRain Harvesting Proposal with Drawings /